Step by step guideline

To write in Jumjournal please follow the following procedure:


Account Registration 

  1. You will get a registration form when you click on the register button in Jumjounal landing page, Bengali or English blog to get registered.
  2. During registration form fill up the given username can’t be changed later. To activate your account you will get activation confirmation link through your provided email. Please check your spam folder if you don’t find your confirmation mail. Use a strong password for your account security.
  3. If you complete your account registration it will be considered as you have read carefully our Terms before writing and Privacy policy  So, if any trouble occurs Jumjournal won’t be responsible for this.
  4. After completing registration form fill up please click on the Get Started button to proceed next steps.

Account Promotion 

  1. Primarily new registered members will be included as subscriber in Jumjournal. A subscriber will be allowed to add his/ her profile picture only on his/her personal profile.
  2. If you really want to write in Jumjournal you will have to email us to upgrade your account from subscriber to contributor. Contributor can write and attach necessary pictures but can’t publish article directly. Jumjouranl staff will edit and review any article before publishing.
  3. Jumjournal can upgrade a Contributor to Author according to their contribution in Jumjournal. An author can write, edit and publish any article at any time.

Introduction to Dashboard

Image 1: Introduction to Dashboard.

You will see this Dashboard and necessary tools after login.

  1. Home – you will see overall activity here. You can customize this section as your own. For this please see image 2: Dashboard Home.
  2. Posts – by clicking on Add new button you will get new page for editing your article. For this please see image 3: Add new post.
  3. Media – by clicking on Add New button you can attach any picture related to your article.
  4. Profile – you can change any information provide before in your profile. For this please see image 4: Profile- Edit User
  5. Dashboard – It is used to transfer form Bengali dashboard to English dashboard or vice-versa. If you are just a subscriber you can not use this facility.

Introduction to Dashboard – Home

Image 2: Dashboard Home – Introduction

You can remove any unnecessary item by unmarking from “Screen Options” boxes.

Introduction to Dashboard – Add New Post

Image 3: Introduction to Dashboard – Add New Post

1 to 8 steps are must be followed:

  1. Enter Title Here: Try to name your headline as short as possible. This will help your article to reach more people.
  2. Content: You will have to add your detailed article here. If want to attach any picture in any place of your article move your cursor there and click on No. 10: Add Media. To check and  preview your article please click on No.6: Preview option.
  3. Categories: You can select one or more categories based on your article.
  4. Tags: You can add tagline based on your article. It can be 3 or 4 or more in number. Tag means key word of your article.
  5. Featured image: If you attach a high regulation image it will catch sight of your visitor. If you don’t add any picture on your article as featured image then Jumjournal default featured image will be shown as your featured image.
  6. Preview: To see your article as published version you may check and preview your article by clicking on ‘preview’ button.
  7. Save Draft: If your article is incomplete and you intend to write later, you can save your article as draft by clicking on ‘Draft’ button.
  8. Submit for Review/publish: If you are a contributor you can request for publication of your article. Jumjournal editorial staff will allow to publish your article after checking it. If you are an author you can publish your article directly by clicking on ‘publish’ button.



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